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Welcome to Sankt Annae Gymnasium

The Copenhagen Municipal Choir School Copenhagen, Denmark.

Principal: Povl Markussen.

English summary

Sankt Annae Gymnasium is the The Copenhagen Municipal Choir School. The school with its distinct music and singing profile consists of three different educational units:

The ’Folkeskole’: Primary and lower secondary school (3rd to10th grades – approx. ages 10 to 16.). All pupils are given a thorough training in singing, and throughout their school days they will become a member of either The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir (Danish/English website) or Copenhagen Girls' Choir. (English website)

The ’Gymnasium’: the equivalent of the American high school or the British Sixth Form College (1st to 3rd upper secondary grades – approx. ages 15/16 to 18/19). Students in the gymasium can become members of the Sankt Annae Youth Choir. (English website) As a part of the music profile Sankt Annae Gymnasium offers

The ’Musikalsk Grundkursus’ which is a 4-year high school degree combined with a specific advanced music course.

Music and singing

Sankt Annae Gymnasium has a long history of choir singing and offers a wide variety of music and singing activities for pupils. Among these you will find:

• The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir (Danish/English website)

• The Copenhagen Girls’ Choir (English website)

• The Sankt Annae Youth Choir (English website)

There are also a number of bands and orchestras. Read more about The Bigband and The Symphony Orchestra. For more information about the choirs and other music affairs, please contact Head of Music, Mogens Halken.

International student activities

Read more about International Work at Sankt Annae Gymnasium (in English). For more information about this and other international activities, please contact International Coordinator, Nina Noergaard.

Sankt Annae Gymnasium

Sjaeloer Boulevard 135
2500 Valby Denmark
Phone: +45 3646 6222
Fax: +45 3644 2112


Studiestart på Sankt Annæ

Københavns Drengekor blev grundlagt i 1924 af Mogens Wöldike…

Nye studieretninger

I 1929 oprettede Københavns Kommune det nuværende Sankt Annæ Gymnasium…


Københavns Drengekor blev grundlagt i 1924 af Mogens Wöldike…

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium | Sjælør Boulevard 135 | 2500 Valby | Tlf. 36 46 62 22 | Mandag - fredag 8.00 - 14.00 | Fax 3644 2112 |
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